Into the Light (Eternals Trilogy #2)

Into the Light (Eternals Trilogy #2)
It's time to make a choice... 

Out of Darkness left you in a cliffhanger. Who will Lizette choose? Sexy, confident Thierry or Luke, the guy she can't stay away from? Will she stay in the shadows or come out Into the Light? 

Choose love, choose wisely. 

Once Lizette makes her choice there is no going back. Her new life is about to begin whether she's ready or not. In the coming months, Lizette will meet incredible new friends that will show her sides of herself that she never knew existed. But this isn't the happily-ever-after Lizette hoped it was going to be; there will be backlash when the Eternals come out to the world, the guy who stole her heart has a dark past that haunts him in his dreams, and the one she jilted isn't willing to bow to defeat. He'll go to any length to get Lizette, even if it costs someone their life... 

There is no going back.

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