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[Release Day Blitz] The Beginning of the End

Today we have the release day blitz for THE BEGINNING OF THE END by R. Holmes! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: The Beginning of the End

Author: R. Holmes

Genre: Contemporary Romance



About The Beginning of the End:

Ambrey My last name was royalty in New Orleans, at least, I guess to those who mattered. But to me…my last name was a curse. High society. Expectations. Old money. Politics. Everything I despised. If only they could see what happened behind those high-society closed doors. The same doors my daddy paid a lot of money to keep closed. Deceit. Destruction. Bribery. You name it, my family was guilty of it. My father’s throne was built on lies. Our family was the epitome of faux royalty. Then, I fell in love and oh what a fool I was. I was just a pawn in my father’s game. And to use the man who claimed to love me... Five years ago, I walked away, and left my father to his riches. And that man who left me in broken, jagged pieces? Well, what goes around, comes around.  Grey Four years in a prison cell changes a man. I spent those five years fighting to survive. When I emerged, I was nothing like the man who had walked through those cell doors all those years ago. I overcame things that I never imagined I’d be faced with.. The one person who promised to never leave, did. The life I thought I knew, gone. The future I once thought I had, up in smoke. Like so many things in my life, my story and my future were stolen from me. Sure, it’s made up of the usual parts…a beginning and an end. But just like every story, there’s a hero, there’s the villain…and then there’s me. And this is the beginning of the end.    

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Pain.   Something I knew better than most.   The worst types of pain, I knew them intimately.   But pain is subjective, we all feel it differently.   Pain takes a body and leaves it hollow, a mere shell of the living, breathing human that it used to be. Sometimes I wonder how one person can feel so much pain yet never die?   But, here I still stand. Living proof that no matter how much pain you’ve endured, the worst part was living through the memories of it.   Eight years ago I was thrown inside a concrete prison, a four-by-four cell where I would grow up. I would be taught all the fundamentals of life, my mentors and instructors the lowest of criminals. They would take me, shape me, make me. Leaving me nothing of the man whom I once was.   I learned the hardest lessons in life, alone.   The worst lesson I learned?   Love was foolish, but it wasn’t what made me a fool.   What made me a fool is that even though love put me in prison, I still sought that love out in my dreams. Like a siren, she sang to me.   I would’ve followed her wherever she called.   That was before.   Before I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for her freedom. She doesn’t have to know the truth.   The truth won’t set her free.   It’ll shackle me to the walls of this concrete prison and I’ll gladly take my sentence for love. It’s what put me in here anyway.      

About the Author:

R. Holmes is from a small town in southern Louisiana where she lives on a farm, with her husband and two little boys. Whenever she's not chasing around the goats and her boys on the farm, she spends her time watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix and is almost always stuck with her nose in a book. She thrives on horror films, sarcasm, and reruns of Harry Potter. A perpetual night owl, you'll find her in her office locked away until the wee hours of the morning. She loves to meet her readers and discuss her latest favorite books and her upcoming projects!   Connect with her via Facebook, Instagram (@RHolmesAuthor) and twitter!    

Connect with the Author:

Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads | Website


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I Can't Wait For... You're Next!

Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they're books that have yet to be released.

I've rediscovered my love for thrillers this year and this one has been on my radar for a few months now...

You're Next
by Kylie Schachte
YA Mystery/Thriller
eBook, Hardcover, Audiobook, 480

July 7, 2020 by Jimmy Patterson


When a girl with a troubled history of finding dead bodies investigates the murder of her ex, she uncovers a plot to put herself---and everyone she loves---on the list of who's next.
Flora Calhoun has a reputation for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. After stumbling upon a classmate's body years ago, the trauma of that discovery and the police's failure to find the killer has haunted her ever since. One night, she gets a midnight text from Ava McQueen, the beautiful girl who had ignited Flora's heart last summer, then never spoke to her again.

Just in time to witness Ava's death from a gunshot wound, Flora is set on a path of rage and vengeance for all the dead girls whose killer is never found. Her tunnel-visioned sleuthing leads to valuable clues about a shocking conspiracy involving her school and beyond, but also earns her sinister threats from the murderer. She has a choice---to give up the hunt for answers, or keep digging and risk her loved ones' lives. Either way, Flora will regret the consequences. Who's next on the killer's list?

What do you think? Will you be checking this one out?

[Release Day Blitz + Review] DARE TO RESIST by Carly Phillips

He’s about to find a baby on his doorstep … and his assistant in his bed. 

Austin Prescott is a lot of things. Ex football player. Sports agent. And as of this morning? Father. Finding a baby on his doorstep should have been a joke but the pink sticky note and baby carrier she came in is deadly serious.

What’s an out of his depth bachelor to do? Call his tempting and beyond gorgeous executive assistant and beg her to move in. 

Quinnlyn Stone agrees to help Austin until he can straighten out his messy life. It’s just another item on her very long To-Do list. It’s absolutely not because she’s attracted to her very single and extremely handsome boss. 

Close quarters. A baby. Undeniable chemistry. What could possibly go wrong? 

Grab Your Copy Here:
Kindle | Apple | Nook | Kobo | Google Play | Paperback

My Review:
When I saw the opportunity to read Dare to Resist by Carly Phillips I jumped without even reading the blurb.

Carly Phillips was one of the first romance authors I started reading in high school and I binged many of her books over the years. I lost track of her new releases after Dare to Love came out but coming back to her books with Dare to Resist was like revisiting an old friend. 

Dare to Resist has all the sexy, sizzling romance long time readers have come to expect and new readers will find impossible to put down. 

DtR is a complete standalone within a series so you won’t have to worry about cliffhangers... but Austin and Quinnlyn will probably pop up in the background of the rest of the series. 

4.5 of 5 Stars!

Meet Carly Phillips

NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller, Carly Phillips gives her readers Alphalicious heroes to swoon for and romance to set your heart on fire. 

She married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs: two wheaten terriers and a mutant Havanese, who are featured on her Facebook and Instagram. 

The author of 50 romance novels, she has raised two incredible daughters who put up with having a mom as a full time writer. 

Carly’s book, The Bachelor, was chosen by Kelly Ripa as a romance club pick and was the first romance on a nationally televised bookclub. 

Carly loves social media and interacting with her readers. 

Want to keep up with Carly? Sign up for her newsletter (below) and receive TWO FREE books at

Connect with Carly Phillips

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 11 May 2020


#IMWAYR is a weekly meme started on J Kaye’s blog and then was hosted by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at The Book Date.

What I Read Last Week:
A Werewolf in Riverdale by Caleb Roehrig
I started this one but I wasn't feeling it so I set it aside. I think I might be more in the mood to read it closer to Halloween. 

Dare to Resist by Carly Phillips
I have a review coming up for this one tomorrow (so check back to see my thoughts) in the meantime, I will say that I've been reading Carly Phillips since I was a teenager and I was excited to be on the blog tour - 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Currently Reading
Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie
I was actually going to start rereading this one a couple weeks ago before I read The Betrothed but I got caught up with other books. I'm so happy to be rereading this one because it's my favorite book and I needed to revisit these characters right now.

Up Next
The Plus-One Proposal by Cassie Cross
This is the next ARC I have to read for a blog tour later this week so once I finish Maybe This Time I'll get into it.

Dawn Till Dusk by Tyffany Hackett and Becky Moynihan
Another ARC on my May must-get-to list is this eagerly awaited urban fantasy written by two of my writer friends. *Come back Friday the 15th for a cover reveal of book 2!*

What have you been reading lately? Do you ever find that you can only read certain genres/sub-genres at specific times of year? (Example: werewolves at Halloween)

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[Cover Reveal] CHAINED TO DARKNESS by Raven Woodward

Today I'm helping InkSlingerPR and Raven Woodward reveal the gorgeous for Raven’s upcoming release CHAINED TO DARKNESS! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: Chained To Darkness

Author: Raven Woodward

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Possessed by Darkness

Release Date: November 6th


About Chained To Darkness:

Harlow awakens in the clutches of Oricus and his men, with no memory of who they are or how she came to be there. All she has are the scars on her shoulder that light her captor's eyes every time he sees them and a pull to twelve sexy men. Before she can even get to know them all, she's thrust into a chamber and commanded to surrender her body. Despite the fight she's determined to give, she can't help but crave their touches. 

Arian is spiraling in his desperate search for Harlow which delivers him to his enemy in hopes of getting information. He just hopes he isn't too late to rescue his mate. Oricus is known as the Fox for a reason. Cunning. Stealthy. And with all his chess pieces finally on the board, the game has become even more complex--even for him. Each encounter he has with his prisoner breaks apart the lie that she was just revenge. Rex gave up on the hope of keeping Harlow all to himself, but he's determined to earn her favour above the rest. When the walls he so carefully crafted in her mind come crumbling down, he and Oricus's men have only to hope they won't lose the fierce woman they've come to care for. 

Through betrayal and lies, Harlow will break the chains of darkness to do what is necessary to save her home at any cost. 

 Book two in a #whychoose reverse harem with dark themes that some may find triggering.  

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!


Exclusive Excerpt:

The first thing Harlow noticed was the ache in her skull. And the second thing she noticed as she peeled her dry eyes open, were the dozen or so gorgeous men staring down at her. She didn’t recognize any of them. A spark of fear ignited in her chest as she sat upright, placing a hand on her head, her vision blurring. “W-what—?”

 One of the men started forward. His eyes were a cool grey, his lips twisted into a mischievous smirk. Harlow tried to back away further, only for her back to press against a cool wall.

 “No need to fear, Little Red,” the man said with a voice of silk and sin that warmed her insides. But only a little. Wait, little red? That was her name?

 “Who are you?” She asked, searching each chiseled, perfect face. Her gaze snagged on a blond man off to the side who looked at her with a sort of expectancy that she couldn’t understand. It was his icy blue eyes that drew her in. Her breath hitched.

 “You don’t remember any of us?” The steel-eyed man asked, drawing her attention back to him. She shook her head. “I can’t—” She paused. “What’s my name?”

 “Harlow,” breathed the blond, almost familiar man. Harlow.

A bolt of stabbing pain slammed through her temples and she winced. Every man in the room moved toward her in unison, then froze when she jerked back against the wall. Her heart gave a heavy beat before picking up speed.  

About Raven Woodward:

I'm a pumpkin-spice loving, scarf and boot-wearing romance writer. I enjoy the sweet, the steamy and the downright dirty. My family and I live in the southern hemisphere where we're surrounded by real-life fairytale beauty.

Connect with Raven:

Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads

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[Release Day Blitz] THE PLUS ONE PROPOSAL by Cassie Cross

Today I'm helping out InkSlingerPR with the release day blitz for The Plus One Proposal by Cassie Cross! Check it out and be sure grab your copy today!

Title: The Plus One Proposal

Author: Cassie Cross

Series: Love Is…

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Plus One Proposal:

Peyton Castillo’s life is nearly perfect. She has a job that makes her happy, the perfect apartment, friends who love her, and all the time in the world to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She’s single and loving it, but she has a handful of weddings she’s RSVPed to and no plus-one to go with. 

That’s where Adam Portman, her gorgeous-and-knows-it coworker comes in. Peyton’s proposal is simple: she’ll complete a work assignment Adam’s been dreading if he agrees to be her date to one of the weddings. The offer is tempting, but sparks fly when Adam counters with a proposal of his own. 

That work assignment isn’t the only thing he’s been dreading. His parents’ 30th anniversary celebration is coming up soon and his mother is determined to set him up with her best friend’s daughter, who will be at the party. Adam needs a date to play along and convince his mom he’s off the market, and Peyton is the perfect choice…

Get Your Copy Today!

Exclusive Excerpt:

I give myself one last makeup check in the rearview mirror, swiping off some barely noticeable mascara flakes under my eyes. I touch up my lip gloss and make sure to grab my sweater from the passenger seat, because I’m almost always cold and I know Adam will tease me if I so much as shiver and don’t have it with me. He catches sight of me almost immediately after I shut my door. He gives me this cute little wave that makes me smile, and I’m left doing that awkward thing where I’m not sure whether to look at him for the rest of the long-ish walk or if I should look away until I get closer. I settle on a happy medium somewhere between the two, but can feel the weight of his eyes on me during the trip. When I meet up with him, he greets me with a, “Wow. You look beautiful.” It’s so sincere that it shakes me a little. Not that he hasn’t complimented me before, because he definitely has, it’s just never been so soft and intense, making a little bit of tension thread through the air between us. “You look good too.” Like I’ve completely lost control of all my bodily function, I reach out and run my fingers along his lapel as I say it. He stares at me for a long, drawn-out moment before the whole weird and strangely thrilling moment is broken by the ringing of the church bells. “We should probably go in,” he says, voice a little unsteady. He offers me his arm and I take it. “How’s the report coming?” “Are you trying to make sure that I’m holding up my end of the bargain before you follow through with yours?” I ask, playfully bumping his shoulder with mine. “If you hadn’t started it, I was planning on taking off.” “I hope you were planning on doing it in front of everyone so they have something to talk about while the wedding party is taking pictures.” He gives me this look like, of course. “With you in that dress, they probably already will,” he says with a wink, moving us further into new and uncharted territory.  


About Cassie:

Cassie Cross is a Maryland native and a romantic at heart, who lives outside of Baltimore with her two dogs and a closet full of shoes. Cassie’s fondness for swoon-worthy men and strong women are the inspiration for most of her stories, and when she’s not busy writing a book, you’ll probably find her eating takeout and indulging in her love of 80’s sitcoms.    

Connect with Cassie:

Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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[Excerpt Reveal] ALL BECAUSE OF YOU by Theresa Paolo

Today I'm helping InkSlingerPR with the excerpt reveal for ALL BECAUSE OF YOU by Theresa Paolo! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: All Because of You 
Title: Theresa Paolo 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: May 13th

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find your happy ending.

Olivia Green had the picture-perfect life. Dating one of the most successful businessmen in New York City, living in a penthouse over Manhattan and a budding career, until one dreadful night when it was all ripped out from under her. If only she'd gone home like she was supposed to, she wouldn't have known her future fiancΓ© was a two-timing jerk. Now with no choice she is leaving the city to move back in with her parents in the small town of Morgan's Bay.

Shane McConnell believed he had no family other than his mother, but on her death bed, she revealed the father who died before he was born, came from a large wealthy family. With nothing to lose he sets out to the east end of Long Island to spend a summer with his newly discovered family. What he doesn’t expect is the secrets and lies dating back to long before his father’s death. Nor could he predict the beautiful hot mess he met on the train would find a way into his closed off heart.

Both struggling with the realities of their new lives they unintentionally lean on each other. As their attraction builds and their undeniable chemistry explodes into passion, Shane holds onto his own secret that threatens his chance at love.

Pre-Order Your Copy 
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“Kissing me out in the open on Main Street? Do you know what that means?”

He stepped closer, heat coming off him in delicious waves that surrounded her in a fiery blanket of desire. “What does it mean?” His voice dipped to a sultry whisper that had her desperate to throw her inhibitions to the curb.

“Next thing you know, the whole town is planning our relationship down to the wedding day and how many kids we’ll have. Probably twins. A boy and a girl.”


Olivia snickered at the squeak in his voice. “Don’t worry. You won’t impregnate me by kissing me.”

“But the town will think you’re carrying twins.”

“You’re learning.” She tapped his chest, and an electric current jolted through her veins. Shane wrapped his hand around her wrist and yanked her into the alley between Pie in the Sky and Book Nook. He backed her into the wall, strong male consuming her. His arms caged her in, and she arched toward him, desperate for his touch.

In one fell swoop, he captured her lips, and lava exploded in her chest and dispersed in heated waves. His mouth moved against hers with a carnal lust so passionate and demanding, she lost sight of everything else. All she could focus on was the hard press of Shane’s lips and the hard bulge in his pants meeting the apex of her thighs.

A moan escaped her throat as his hands cupped her face and tilted her head. His tongue swiped lovingly at the crease between her lips, and she parted, welcoming the slick feel. It was a sensual dance of tongue and teeth, licking and nipping, giving and taking. He tasted of sweet coconut and confidence, kissing her with a potency she would never forget.

The way he kissed her, ravenous and precise, it was as if he’d been doing it for years. She melted in to his lips, letting him take control, and not because she felt he needed to dominate, but because she wanted him to.

His body pressed into her, her back melding to the cool brick wall. It was fire and ice, heaven and hell, and she didn’t want it to end. She grabbed his t-shirt, holding him close, absorbing every sensation flooding her body.

He kissed a trail from the corner of her mouth down her neck and back. The stubble on his face left tracks of passion. She didn’t care. Tonight, when she was in her bed, all she would be thinking about was this kiss.

A giggle broke the cloud that surrounded them. “Don’t mind me. Continue just as you were.” Olivia didn’t need to turn to know whose voice that was—Jean Kelly, owner of Book Nook.

Olivia dropped her head to Shane’s shoulder, embarrassed heat prickling her neck and cheeks. Shane held her, and Olivia felt his arm raise in a wave.

“Have a good day, you love birds,” Jean said, and Olivia covered her face with her hands.

“Is she gone?” Olivia asked a few seconds later.

“She’s gone.” Shane’s warm breath caressed her ear. “So… what do you want to name our twins?”

About Theresa Paolo: 
Theresa Paolo lives on Long Island, NY with her fiancΓ© and their fish. She is the author of NA and Adult contemporary romances. Her debut novel (NEVER) AGAIN, released in Fall 2013 with Berkley (Penguin) and the companion novel (ONCE) AGAIN released Summer 2014. Mad About Matt, the first book in her new Red Maple Falls series, released March 2017.

She loves to write heartfelt romances with a dash of fun and a side of spice. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, brewery hopping, daydreaming, wasting time on Pinterest, trying to get 10k steps on her FitBit or can be found chatting away on Twitter and Facebook. She also writes YA romance under Tessa Marie and has no idea how to smile for a picture.

Connect with Theresa: