The Haunting Love

The Haunting Love
Rating: 12+
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

The Haunting Love

The Haunting Love is my debut young adult paranormal romance novel set in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What would you do if you never got to tell that one person how you felt? What if you could go back and tell them exactly how you felt? Seventeen-year-old Izabella "Iza" De Luca didn't believe her crush, Johnny, could ever like her because she is curvier than the other girls at school. Meanwhile eighteen-year-old Johnny Becker doesn't believe he has a chance with Iza; the smart, beautiful girl he has fallen for. 

It isn't until a fatal car crash traps Iza between the living and the dead that she can muster the courage to tell Johnny how she feels. But telling her true love how she feels does not relieve her from her burden. Soon she and her love, Johnny, find themselves in an all-out battle to keep their love alive. Nobody is safe when a demon named Devlin starts messing with everything and everyone they know. 

Johnny and Iza will need the help of all of their friends to overpower Devlin. Can their love withstand all of the odds stacked against them or are they doomed from the start?


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