Friday, September 4, 2015

Finding Elizabeth Deleted Scene

          Part three of my four-part blog series ahead of Finding Elizabeth's September 15th release is a deleted scene from Finding Elizabeth. The scene is in modern day Elizabeth's mobster ex-boyfriend Anton's perspective on the night he barges into her bedroom through her window. This scene occurs before he forces his way into her room as he thinks back to the last time he entered her room through the second story window. 

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Deleted Scene - Finding Elizabeth - Anton

         Staring up at the brightly lit window I knew belonged to Lizzie, the memories of the night I snuck in through that very window six months earlier popped into my head. That was when Lizzie was still all mine; before I screwed things up and before Nate stole her away. I can see it so clearly now...

         I crunched through the leaves that had begun to fall off the maple tree in Lizzie's backyard. We'd been dating for a couple weeks now. I'd spotted her while I was out with my then girlfriend Darcy, and something inside me just clicked. Everything made sense for the first time. 

        Creeping under the large living room window I reached for the ivy covered trellis that ran up the side of the house right next to Lizzie's bedroom. I stuck my foot through one of the holes to test my weight. When it held I grabbed on and began climbing. 

        Peering through Lizzie's window I found her sprawled across her bed drawing in the thick black sketchbook she took everywhere. I tapped lightly against the glass, hard enough to get her attention but not so hard that her parents might hear it downstairs. 

       Seeing me a surprised smile lit up her face as she rushed to the window.

        "What are you doing?" She whispers after pushing the window up.

        "I had to see you," I tell her.

        Biting her lip she moves back from the window, "I guess it would be okay if you came in for a little while."

       Slowly so as to not make any noise I climb in her bedroom window.

       "That was smooth," Lizzie remarks.

      "I've had a lot of practice." I grin.

       Lizzie raises her eyebrows, "is that so?"

       Backpedaling I amend, "I've watched Romeo and Juliet on DVD a few thousand times." 

       Lizzie's lips quirk up in a half grin, "better."

       "Good," I murmur as I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her hard on the mouth. A happy sound comes from the back of Lizzie's throat as I guide her backward to her bed and continue kissing her. 

       I push her back onto the bed and cover her with myself as I kiss the sweet spot in the crook of her neck. We kiss for seconds, minutes, hours until our breath becomes labored and heavy. I run my hands up and down her rib cage under her shirt. 

      Suddenly Lizzie pushes me back, "did you hear that?"

      "Hear what?" I ask in my hormone infused haze.

      "Lizzie?" Her father calls from the bottom of the stairs. 

      "Yeah Dad?" Lizzie responds as she covers my mouth with her hand. 

      "Did you finish your homework?" Her father asks.

      "Yeah Dad, I did," Lizzie replies. 

      "Do you mind if I check it over?" He asks, sounding closer now.

      "Sure, just a minute!" Lizzie calls back. To me she hisses, "you have to get out of here! My dad will kill you if he finds you here."

      Lizzie hustles me to the window where I steal a goodbye kiss before climbing back through the window. Behind me Lizzie snaps the window shut and hurries to lock the window. In her haste the lock snaps off in her hand. She turns just as her father opens the door. I disappear out of sight before her father can spot me hanging on the trellis...

      I knew tonight would be different. Lizzie would not be welcoming me with open arms. Not since Nate had put her under his spell. But I knew a secret, a secret about our past. I just hoped it would be enough to show Lizzie the error of her ways. Lizzie was mine; always had been, always would be. I wasn't giving up without a fight. 
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