Monday, November 30, 2015

A great place for authors to hold book events

     As many of you know I had a book signing this past weekend. This time around I thought a lot about where I wanted to hold my book signing. A bit of back story... I live in a very small town in Wisconsin where books tend to be less important than hunting or watching sports. I wanted to hold my book signing for Finding Elizabeth somewhere where I would get more exposure. To do that I knew I had to go to either Green Bay or Appleton.

     I had a few location ideas; libraries and a couple bookstores but because of my love for their store I put Half Price Books in Appleton, Wisconsin at the top of my list. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made so far in my publishing career.

     The woman that I spoke to to set up the book signing, Sarah, was extremely accomodating. I was afraid at first HPB would turn me down because I'm an indie author but they welcomed me with open arms; not only did they allow me to hold my book signing at the Appleton store but they day after I scheduled the book signing with them they had the information put up on their website.

      From there my book signing also showed up on the events calendar for several of the local news channels.

     I did my thing and put posters up in the area and ordered book marks to give out at the book signing then patiently waited for November 28th to arrive.

     Finally the day of the book signing arrived and I arrived about an hour early to get everything set up. When I arrived I was introduced to an employee named Sam who helped get everything set up. She and one of her coworkers set up the table next to the door and even brought a chair for my grandmother (who had tagged along) to sit on. HPB provided balloons and cookies and Sam brewed coffee which was set next to where I was sitting.

     I don't have one of those card readers so the store would have even made their old carbon machine available to me if I had needed it.

     At one o'clock, the start time of my book signing they made an announcement letting everyone in the store know about the event going on.

      I can honestly say I am so happy with everything Half Price Books did for my book signing. They went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. They were accomodating, friendly, and professional and I can't gush about them more.

     If you're an author looking for somewhere to hold a book signing/reading/event and you live in one of the 16 states where Half Price Books has a location I highly recommend contacting them and inquiring. You won't regret it!

     Again, a huge thank you to everyone at the Appleton Half Price Books! You guys are amazing and I am eternally grateful!

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