Friday, January 29, 2016

7 People I Recommend Following on Twitter & Why

       I'll admit it, I've become a bit of a Twitter junkie. I love reading what people are posting, espcially since most of the people I follow are fellow writers and authors. Sure, it can get bogged down by posts promoting this novel or that... but when you dig deeper and read some of the witticisms hidden among the promotional posts, we writers can be pretty relate-able. Here are seven people I follow that I recommend you follow...

1. Ripley's Booklist (@RBooklist
          Ripley's Booklist is a twice-weekly newsletter that shares hidden gems of eBooks in the YA and NA age bracket at discounted prices. Some of the books are even free! Who doesn't love free? I love getting the newsletter in my inbox and I always discover new authors/books I love. Don't like to get a lot of emails? Follow them on twitter, they post the book deals on twitter too! 

2. E. M. Kaplan (@meilaan)
           E. M. Kaplan's tweets (and books) are filled with the snarky humor that I love. I also like the blogposts she shares. 

3. HeyJamie (@HeyJamie)
           Looking for inspirational writing tweets on your frontpage? Look no further than HeyJamie! 

4. Victoria Griffin (@victoria_grif7
            Victoria is possibly the nicest person I've encountered on Twitter. Not only does she post writing quotes that are highly relate-able but she also occasionally hosts a #SundayLinkParty for bloggers and writers to get together, read each others promoted blogs, comment, share, and form a community. 

5. Ashley Ruggirello (@amRuggs)
            I love her tweets, plain and simple. 

6. L. T. Vargus (@ltvargus
            If you want to add a little humor to your day and your twitter feed follow L. T. Vargus!

7. Kelsye Nelson (@kelsye)
            Follow Kelsye for tons of helpful tips for self-publishing and indie authors. I've learned so much from the blog posts she shares alone. 

Who do you like to follow on twitter? Are you active on twitter? Leave your twitter handle in the comments and I might follow you... 
as always, I can be found on twitter at: @TaylorFenner

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