Friday, June 24, 2016

10 Bookish Tattoos That Give Me Serious Tattoo Envy

                 There are few things I love more than or as much as books: my grandmother, my boyfriend, iced tea, oh... and TATTOOS! And when you combine my love for books and tattoos? That's magic my friends. Here are some bookish tattoos that give me serious tattoo envy...

1.  Watercolor Stack of Books

2. I love this play on a George R.R. Martin quote

3. This is a seriously awesome tattoo inspired by the cover of The Great Gatsby!

4. One of my favorite lines from Pride & Prejudice 

5. Wow, just wow. 

6. My favorite Alice in Wonderland Tat

7. Gotta love some Poe

8. A Book Quote Tree
9. No Matter How You Feel About Twilight, this tattoo is amazing...

10. A Morganville Vampires Series-Inspired Tattoo

Disclaimer: All photos were found on Pinterest or Google. This post was created merely for my (and your) visual enjoyment of some great book-inspired ink. 

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