Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"What I'm Reading" Wednesday #27

                This "WIR" Wednesday I'm reading S.L. Beaumont's latest novel from the Carlswick Mystery Series...

The Carlswick Conspiracy by S.L. Beaumont
Stephanie Cooper joins her rock guitarist boyfriend James Knox in New York for the final week of his band’s tour. But The Fury's success has attracted unwanted attention and Stephanie’s research project at a New York museum puts her on a collision course with an old adversary. From the glitzy modern-day bars and clubs of Manhattan to the gritty Lower East Side tenements of the 1940s, Stephanie tries to keep one step ahead of an increasingly desperate faceless blackmailer as she traces the final legacy of wartime Nazi art liberator, Karl Hoffman. As events spiral out of control Stephanie becomes the unwitting accomplice in a major deception and she and James are forced into a fight for their lives.

Why I Chose This Book / What I Think Of It So Far:
I picked this book because I really liked the first book and at the time of purchase I hadn't read the second book yet. I love the history that's always woven into these stories because I find that really interesting. And I love the relationship between Stephanie and James. For some reason though the last book seemed to drag for me. I'm hoping this book will be different, especially now that I'm done with my latest novel and have more time to devote to reading. So we'll wait and see...

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