Friday, July 29, 2016

Mid-Summer Writing Update

With a little more than a month left of the summer months it's time to get back to writing. So far this summer I've spent a lot of time reading and writing reviews and little time doing any productive writing. Here's what I'm working on, what I'm soon to be working on, and what you have to look forward to from me in the next few months...

Writing Projects:

An ETERNALS Short Story / Novelette / Novella 
Right now I'm about 3k words into a story that will either turn into a short story, a novelette, or a novella centered around three of the characters in the Eternals Trilogy. While I'm not saying which three characters this story will cover I will tell you that the story will be called "Eternal Fire" and it will be included at the end of the third and final book in the Eternals Trilogy, Through the Fog, which will be available sometime next summer. 

How long will this story be and will it be a short story, a novelette, or a novella? I'm not sure. It all depends on the word count once I accomplish telling the story to my (and the characters') satisfaction. 

What's the difference?
Short Story Word Count: 3,500-7,500 words
Novelette Word Count: 7,500-17,000 words
Novella Word Count: 17,000-40,000 words

Starting in November I'm going to be working on a new stand-alone novel that is based on my favorite fairytale that my grandmother read to me when I was young. I've wanted to do this for a while and since the ideas for this story keep building up I don't think I can put this story off much longer. I don't have a title thought up yet, but that will come later. Right now I have to focus on not letting my head explode until I can get this story out onto paper!

Publishing Projects:

Into the Light
Into the Light is just about ready to get ready for formatting and submitting for preorders. I'm aiming for Tuesday, December 13, 2016 as the release date; just in time for Christmas. 

Through the Fog
I'm hoping to get Through the Fog started in the editing process in September or October but I'm holding off on the release until probably June or July 2017. I like to have about six months in between my releases. I know, I'm making you wait but don't forget - Through the Fog with come with a bonus story! 

Cover Reveals:

Into the Light
I've been holding off on the cover reveal for Into the Light because I wanted to have preorder links up for you at the same time. Look for the cover reveal of Into the Light to come sometime early in September. If you'd like to help reveal the cover of Into the Light I'll set up a Google sign-up form in the next week or two! 

Note: I'll be taking a little mini-vacation next week Wednesday-Friday for my 24th birthday but don't fret, you'll still get my usual "What I'm Reading" Wednesday and Friday post! 

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