Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: I'll Be Here by Yesenia Vargas

I'll Be Here (Matters of the Heart #2) by Yesenia Vargas
Katia hates love triangles. And now she’s in the middle of one… 

Just when Katia thinks she might be getting over Brian moving away again, he reappears in her life. And as if that wasn’t enough, her best friend, Adam, is also back for senior year. 

Adam is determined to show Katia that, unlike Brian, he’ll never let her down. But Brian won’t give up on Katia that easily. He regrets more than ever having left, and now he’s determined to win Katia’s heart back. 

Katia is torn between two good guys who have been there for her in the past, and she’s not sure what she feels for either of them anymore.

My Review:
I received a copy of I'll Be Here in exchange for an honest review.

Katia's life is just starting to get back to normal after Brian left with his family to go back to Mexico. Adam is back in school and she's trying to get back her friendship with him. Then Brian returns... again.

Both guys make it clear that they want to be with her and Katia finds herself in the middle of her worst nightmare... a love triangle. How is a girl supposed to figure things out while juggling school, SATs, and college decisions all at the same time?

Can Katia trust Brian again? Or will he end up breaking her heart and leaving again? Is it possible for Katia to feel more than just friendship for Adam? Or will she dash his hopes and hurt him and break their brittle friendship - possibly forever this time?

I wasn't sure what to expect from I'll Be Here but I have mixed emotions about it. Katia spends like the first chapter and a half of the book whining about how much she misses/loves Brian but then when he shows up she doesn't want anything to do with him. Then she spends the rest of the book being kind of wishy-washy and complaining about both guys liking her but at the same time a whole school year passes before she can make a decision. If Katia were a real person instead of a fictional character she seems like the type of girl guys get annoyed with for never just saying what they want.

This played a major factor in me disliking the first half to three-quarters of this book. The end redeemed the story and I'm satisfied with how Katia's story wraps up but it was touch and go there for me for a while.

Overall, I liked this book but because of the way the heroine of the story acted I didn't love it. I do recommend reading this book if you read book one and want to see how things wrap up.

My rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars

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