Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"What I'm Reading" Wednesday #36

This "WIR" Wednesday I'm reading an ARC of a book coming out next week...

I'll Be Here (Matters of The Heart #2) by Yesenia Vargas
Katia hates love triangles. And now she’s in the middle of one…

Just when Katia thinks she might be getting over Brian moving away again, he reappears in her life. And as if that wasn’t enough, Adam is also back for senior year.

Adam is determined to show Katia that, unlike Brian, he’ll never let her down. But Brian won’t give up on Katia that easily. He regrets more than ever having left, and now he’s determined to win Katia’s heart back.

Katia is torn between two good guys who have been there for her in the past, and she’s not sure what she feels for either of them anymore.

Why I Chose This Book / What I Think So Far:
After reading the beginning of Katia and Bryan's story in When You Came Back I'm eager to see how their story ends in I'll Be Here. I'm just starting the book so I can't give you too deep of an opinion of what I think of this book but it is easy to dive right into after reading book one. And unlike Katia, I love "love triangles"!

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