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Book Review: Become by Skye Malone

Become (The Awakened Fate Series #5) by Skye Malone
After barely surviving another attack on her life, Chloe has only one option left. Magic given to her by the wizard Joseph offers her the chance to save the world from the ancient enemy she faces, but only if she sacrifices her ability to become a mermaid or else leaves the land behind forever. With no control over which side of her heritage she’ll become, Chloe may lose everything, including the two guys who both have claimed her heart.

But when a desperate message arrives, the stakes become even higher. Zeke has been captured. The Sylphaen surround him. And if Chloe tries to save him, Zeke’s brother promises to make certain she dies.

She’s running out of options and she’s running out of time. Zeke’s life hangs on one side of the balance and the fate of the world is on the other. Chloe has to make a choice.

One that will change her life forever.

My Review:
I received a copy of Become in exchange for an honest review.

Chloe is facing a big decision. Should she take the potion that Joseph the wizard prepared for her before one of Noah's cousins killed Joseph and the Beast blew up the wizard's home? Taking the potion will change everything - either making her Landwalker or Dehaian forever. Then a phone call from Zeke's sister Ina changes everything and the decision becomes irrelevant. 

Zeke and his grandfather Jirral have been arrested by Zeke's brother Ren and the Sylphaen are infiltrating Nycenia with the help of Zeke's other brother, Niall. Chloe asks Ina to relay a message to Niall and the Sylphaen that unless they release  Zeke and his grandfather Chloe will take the potion that will split herself like the old Dehaians did and then the Sylphaen will never be able to use her to control the Beast. Instead of giving in the Sylphaen try to force Zeke to bring Chloe back to the ocean with him, but their plot backfires when Zeke refuses to help and he, Chloe, Noah, Baylie, the Landwalkers, and Noah's family escape before the Sylphaen can get their hands on Chloe. 

With the Sylphaen holding Ina, Chloe, Zeke, and Noah devise a plan to end this battle against the Sylphaen once and for all. They will travel to Lycera and enlist the help of Zeke's mother's (the acting queen) soldiers and con the Sylphaen into coming inland where a surprise will be waiting to attack them. What Chloe never expected was to run into her biological father or that such a reunion would complicate things so much more. 

The biggest battle of their lives looms ahead with danger, betrayal, and treachery at every corner. Will Chloe, Zeke, Noah, and the others be able to defeat the Sylphaen once and for all? Or will the Sylphaen finally be able to complete the ritual that will allow them to control the Beast? Will everyone make it out of this alive? Where will Chloe be at the end of all this, and more importantly - who will she choose? Zeke? Or Noah?

As a finale to Chloe's battle against the Sylphaen and finding out who she is I thought this book fit in perfectly with the series. I couldn't put this book down because I wanted to see what was going to happen next. The action is high in Become and trouble is still coming at Chloe from all sides.

 I loved finding out who Chloe's father was and seeing how the implications of her father's position and his people affected the story. Suddenly all of Ren's accusations sound plausible except for that the reader knows Chloe is innocent - but seeing Ina and Zeke's mother question that makes you worry for Chloe and wonder if Zeke's mother will be yet another on a long list of people who've betrayed them. 

The only thing I didn't like as much was that we were still dealing with Chloe's non-handling of the love triangle between her, Zeke, and Noah. At times I wanted to scream "just pick one and then you can focus on more important things!" But then at the end, it sort of becomes a non-issue because one-third of the triangle sort of takes himself out of the running. 

Overall, besides the way Chloe continued to handle the love triangle, I loved this book, and the ending left me satisfied even if I nearly teared up. I'm glad Chloe ended up with who she did, but the fate that befalls the other guy in this love triangle is bittersweet. I also thought Wyatt's fate was very fitting. He really had it coming. 
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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On a side note, I really want to thank Skye Malone for giving me the opportunity to read and review this amazing series. I loved each and every one of them, I was hooked from the very first book! 

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