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Into the Light Blog Series - Part II of IV: the Into the Light Playlist
For the Into the Light Playlist I was all over the place musically. Some of these songs helped me write specific scenes while others remind me of the characters. This is the Into the Light Playlist shown through videos...

1) “It’s Not You" by Halestorm

"I'm in love with somebody... and it's not you!" - This line went well with the opening scene and Lizette's big decision. Who will she pick? Luke? Thierry? Find out soon!

2) “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” by Keith Urban 

I love this song and in Into the Light it inspired a journey for Lizette. 

3) “Free” by Zac Brown Band

I listened to this one a lot toward the beginning of Into the Light.

4) “Iko Iko” by The Dixie Cups

I heard this song in a movie once and fell in love with the beat. It doesn't really inspire any scenes, it just gave me an overall feel that was upbeat. 

5) “Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran

Luna from the wolf clan pops up in Into the Light and this song comes to mind when I think of her.

6) “Bad Karma” by Ida Maria

"You better believe in voodoo babe
I got a long list of your sins
There's a word you may have heard of called payback
and I'm runnin' out of pins"
Another song I loved in a movie, and it reminds me of Claudette and everyone's perceived idea of Voodoo. 

7) “Johnny Cash” by Jason Aldean

This and the next song popped into my head while I was writing a scene featuring two awesome new characters you'll meet in Into the Light.

8) "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis

My grandmother is a huge Elvis fan, and when you read the scene I'm referring to the song will completely make sense.

9) "In Your Room" by Halestorm

"I know everyone you've ever trusted has let you down"
This song is all about letting someone in, letting someone get to know you fully and this song helped me write one of two particularly hard sections of Into the Light.

10) "Private Parts" by Halestorm (feat. James Michael)

"Every time I try to get a little closer
You shut down and the conversation's over
I'm right here, but you leave me in the dark
Show me your private parts.
Give it up baby, what are you afraid of
Love sucks when you don't know what it's made of
We get naked but I can't undress your heart
Show me your private parts, show me your private parts"

On a personal note - this is my favorite song ever. It's all about wanting someone to open up to you even if they don't want to. And that's going to pop up for Lizette and the guy she chooses in Into the Light. P.S. when looking for a video on Youtube, I thought this one was seriously awesome! 

11) "I'll Be Seeing You" by Billie Holiday

This song is just so... I can't describe it. Anyway, I listened to this song toward the end of writing Into the Light and in a way it has a double meaning for my characters. 

12) "Hello" by Adele

The first time I heard this song I knew that if any song was going to be playing in the background of the final scene in Into the Light this one was going to be it. It's less about the meaning of the song and more of just the overall emotion. 


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