Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Book Mail" Thursday #6

I finally have new book mail to share with you! Over the past week I've received two awesome pieces of book mail, so this "Book Mail" Thursday I'm showing off... 

ARCs of Freeks by Amanda Hocking and RoseBlood by AG Howard!!!

I've already read an eARC of RoseBlood and I loved it; you'll get to read my review on January 10th, but I haven't read Freeks yet and I'm eager to read it after I finish reading The Lovely Reckless. 

Waiting On:
I won a signed paperback copy of D. Kelly's Just An Illusion - Side A, so I'm waiting for that to arrive - hopefully soon! 

What I Want to Splurge On / Christmas is Coming!
Christmas is just around the corner and this year I actually asked for specific books. Here's what I'm hoping for under the tree this year...

Since it's almost Christmas there really isn't anything pressing I want to splurge on right now. I might add a couple books to my Apollycon 2017 Virtual Signing order and over the next couple months I might get myself a physical copy of Ever the Hunted and the Barnes and Noble exclusive version of RoseBlood or maybe even a signed copy of one of Jennifer Crusie's books from her new online shop, but right now I don't have any pressing book needs. 

What books are you hoping for under the tree? Do you have any cool book mail you want to talk about? Are you waiting on any books? 

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