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Book Review: Unknown by Wendy Higgins

Unknown (Unknown Series #1) by Wendy Higgins
Amber Tate believes the worst thing she’ll suffer in life is dealing with the unrequited love she feels for her brother’s best friend, Rylen Fite. She also believes war is something unfortunate that happens places far, far away from her rural Nevada town. She’s wrong on both counts.

When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe, a trickle-down effect spreads to remaining towns at an alarming speed—everything from food and water sources to technology and communications are compromised. Without leadership, the nation is split between paralysis and panic, but Amber isn’t one to hide or watch helplessly. She’s determined to put her nursing skills to use, despite the danger, even if it means working alongside the man she can never have.

My Review:
As Unknown opens, we meet the Bahntan, a creature who's people plan on destroying the world's civilization, purging the world of billions of people, and turning humans into slaves. The leader is torn, but ultimately knows what he has to do. 

Part one of Unknown tells of the before, where we meet the heroine, Amber Tate; her brother Jacob "Tater" Tate, Amber's best friend, Remy, and Amber's brother's best friend, Rylen - whom Amber has been hopelessly in love with since they were children. We watch as Amber, Tater, Remy, and Rylen grow up, facing problems that at the time seem terrible - until the day that an unknown, anonymous organization bomb film studios and family-oriented amusement parks all over the country and the world. In an instant everything changes. Tater and Rylen decide to enlist in the Army and Air Force. Over the next few years, Amber keeps in constant contact with Rylen through letters and emails, harboring her secret feelings for him and hoping that one day he'll see her as more than just a sister-figure. But her hopes are dashed the day Rylen comes home - with a major surprise. 

With her heart already in shambles, Amber - and her loved ones - are about to face an even greater tragedy than the previous bombings. Cities all over the world are bombed, some wiped out completely, world leaders and thousands of people are killed, and life as Amber and her family know it will never be the same. 

Who is behind the attacks? What do they want? In a world destroyed, who can you trust? Is the senator that seems to take over after the attacks really working in the people's best interest? Or are he and the DRI working together toward a more sinister goal? 

Wendy Higgins has done it again! Her amazing writing has gotten me to fall in love with a book way out of my genre comfort zone. The story grabbed me from the beginning and turned out to be a lot different than what I expected it to be, in a good way. 

I loved the way the story was plotted out: the Prologue giving the reader a taste of what was to come, then the first part of the book that gets the reader to fall in love with the characters and their normal lives, their everyday struggles, then leading the reader into the day that will change everything for the characters. Part two was all about the action, where we learn what the characters are made of and who they'll become after the worst happens, giving them each greater depth. 

I loved Amber and could relate to her crush on Rylen - who was so sexy, but I found myself wanting to strangle him throughout the book. I mean really! How blind can one guy be? All of Amber's family were fantastic characters and I thought they fit well into the story. Despite being a really sweet character I seriously hated Livia, and as for the senator and the DRI, I questioned their motives from the get-go. 

Overall, I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave Unknown a chance! I just can't believe I waited this long to give it a chance. The hints of romance in Unknown were heartbreaking and the action made my pulse race.  I loved it from the first page and I can't wait to see how the story continues in Unrest.

My Rating:
5 of 5 Stars!

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