Thursday, April 18, 2019

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts - 18 April 2019

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts is a Weekly Meme hosted by Christine @ Bookishly  Boisterous.

Happy Thursday Bookdragons! It's another Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts and it has been one strange week. Let me tell you all about it...

1. One of my glamorous (ha) day jobs is an assistant to my grandmother for her paralegal business. This week we acquired an estate subcontracted from the law firm my mom works at. The woman died last Thursday and to start the process we need a death certificate to get the ball rolling. Simple enough, right? Well my grandmother called the funeral home who told us they contract with another funeral home in - get this - Okeechobee, Florida (we're in Wisconsin) and they handle all of their paperwork so we'd have to contact them. Weeeellllllll... a call to the nice lady at the funeral home in Okeechobee took a disturbing turn as the lady had no idea where the body went and had never heard of the woman. Oshkosh, WI didn't have her... Okeechobee, FL didn't have her... but they had recently shipped a body to Israel. They'd look into it and get back to us. When that's how your Tuesday morning starts off you just know it's going to be a long week. 

2. Last night I finished reading Repeat, Kylie Scott's newest book. I loved it! It's about a woman who wanders into her ex-boyfriend's tattoo parlor after a horrific attack leaves her with amnesia and no memory of their relationship or why they broke up. It made me think about how strange it would be to have amnesia and have to rely on others to fill in the gaps of your past. For me it would be next to impossible because I've always thought of myself as a Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde personality. I show different sides of myself to different people and I don't think anyone has ever seen the full picture, not even my family. 

3. I've been getting a lot of great book recommendations on Instagram lately. I just picked up BB Easton's apocalyptic romance, Praying for Rain which I'm starting today and tomorrow I'm planning to order The Rules of Burken by Traci Finlay. Both authors are new to me. 

4. I've gone back and forth on this, but I think I'm going to try for a ticket to next year's ApollyCon event when the tickets go on sale in three weeks. I've always wanted to go and meet some of my favorite authors and I'm finally financially independent enough to swing it.

5. I hit my target word count for Monsters & Mist last weekend!!! I haven't had much writing time since then but I have managed to add an addition 2k words past my goal. Still not sure how close I am to finishing though.

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