Friday, May 15, 2015

After The Book Signing... What I'm Doing Now

Hey everyone! I know this blog is outrageously late today but my website where I usually post my blog isn't letting me onto my blog app. I bet you didn't know that my blog also posts on Blogger (blogspot), did you? 

This week has been a mixture of incredibly slow and hyper fast. My book signing was last Saturday and I think it went pretty well for my first book signing. Thank you to everyone that came out; I hope that you are enjoying The Haunting Love!

Obviously Sunday was Mother's Day so my grandmother and I just hung out and watched movies. It was very relaxing. 

Q: What am I up to now that the book signing is over? 

A:        Well relaxing for the most part. I planned to get a lot of writing done in my current work-in-progress, Into the Light, this week but I got a little sidetracked. I did go over some cover options for my next novel, Finding Elizabeth though.

            I'm aiming to self-publish Finding Elizabeth this fall. It's currently being edited and I'm working on what I want to see as the cover art. To me, the cover art is the fun part. The editing part is sort of boring, but of course mandatory. Its more of a chore. 

Q: Will there be another book signing for The Haunting Love? 

A:        At this time I don't have one scheduled, but I might set one up in the next month or two. I haven't decided yet. Be sure to keep checking back for updates though. 

Q: I'm reading The Haunting Love and I love it! Will there be a sequel for Johnny, Iza, and the gang? 

A:         No. At least, there isn't one in the works right now. I felt that Johnny and Iza's story was finished at the end of The Haunting Love. Who knows though? Maybe Marco and Angie will someday get their own spinoff novel or novella? Or maybe even Aidan or Quinn... ideas, ideas...

I hope this gives you a better look at what I'm up to lately. I hope you have a great weekend! Despite next weekend being Memorial Day weekend my Friday blog will post as usual! 
Me at my book signing at The Living Room Coffee Shop in Clintonville, WI on May 9

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