Friday, May 29, 2015

Changes Are Coming

                Today works out as the last Friday of May. With the end of this month there will be a few changes.

                Starting in June instead of weekly blog postings on each Friday there will be bi-weekly blogs every other Friday. Sometimes there just isn’t much going on that warrants a weekly blog and I will be able to devote more time to my writing projects.

                Next, as you may know, I post my blog in multiple places; one of which is Blogger by Google. I decided to make this blog-site a little more accessible so I did a total overhaul and gave my Blogger page a face-lift. Now not only can you read and subscribe to my blog you can also find information and buy links for my novels and all the updates about me and my writing.

                Speaking of updates “Finding Elizabeth” is getting closer to being ready to publish. It’s almost finished being edited. As of this moment there are two more sections that have to be edited. Once that is complete I will read through the entire manuscript one last time for any missed errors before getting started on the formatting. The cover is complete and the unveiling will occur when “Finding Elizabeth” becomes available for pre-order, probably later this summer.

                I’m thinking of creating a “Street Team” to help in promoting me and my novels.

                What is a Street Team?

                A: Street team members help me promote my work by doing things like tweeting, blogging, posting Facebook updates about my books, or asking their local libraries to purchase my book. Members can participate as much or as little as they'd like, and can receive prizes such as swag (bookmarks, magnets, maybe even free signed copies of my novels) as well as being the first to know about upcoming book releases and giveaways.

                The street team will help me get more exposure beyond my little corner of the world by way of word of mouth.

                If you would be interested in becoming part of my street team please click the link below and fill out the form:

                                                                JOIN HERE

                Those are the major changes that will take hold over the next several months. Stay tuned for a surprise announcement about The Haunting Love coming on Monday!

                Following the new every-other-Friday blog schedule my next blog will be posted on Friday June 12, 2015. Until next time my devoted blog followers! Keep reading!

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