Friday, August 7, 2015

Finding Elizabeth Character Profile: NATE

       This week’s blog begins a four-part blog series to get everyone ready for the upcoming release of Finding Elizabeth. Today we take a look at one of the main characters of Finding Elizabeth, Nate Levine.


Name: Nathan “Nate” Levine

Age: Eighteen

Current Residence: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Grade in School: 12th (Senior)

Social Class: Upper Middle Class

Date of Birth (DOB): October 31, 1990

Physical Characteristics and Emotions:

Height: Tall – 6’1”

Eye Color: Bright Green

Hair Color / Style: Shaggy Dark Brown / Black Hair

Build: Muscular, Athletic

Clothing Style: Trendy, Casual

Personality: Kind, Friendly, Loyal, Well-liked among his peers

Fears: Elevators, Not being able to find Elizabeth, losing Elizabeth again

Dislikes: Catacombs, Snails (the edible kind), Halloween 

Goals / Backstory:


       Nate was born “Nate Meritan” in France on May 13, 1774. He grew up in a wealthy aristocratic family where his parents were Lord and Lady to the Royal Court. When Nate is fifteen the Bastille falls and the early days of the French Revolution bring changes to the Meritan estate. The servants that help tend the manor abandon the family and the bulk of the manual labor falls on Nate’s shoulders. His father is delusional and believes that the revolution will just “blow over” any day while his mother slowly begins losing her mind.

      Three years later it is 1792 and the Revolution is still going on around them. Nate’s father refuses to stop spending money on frivolous things and his mother sits around all day cowering in fear that the Sans-Culottes (Revolutionaries, people in favor of the upheaval and dethroning of the royal family and those of aristocratic bloodlines) will come to take her away.

       Then one day, as Nate (now eighteen) is working in the fields, he sees a girl not much younger than himself darting in and out of the trees at the edge of the property. He offers the girl, named Elizabeth, a place to stay for the night and so begins a connection and a love story that will transcend death and multiple reincarnations.

       Nate and Elizabeth fall deeply in love only to be torn apart during the September Massacre of 1792.


     When Nate reincarnates more than two hundred years later and is reborn into the world in 1990 with full knowledge of his past life with Elizabeth he vows to spend his life looking for Elizabeth so he can change the course of fate.

      It’s the year 2008 when Nate finally finds his lost love living in the same city as himself; Brookfield, Wisconsin. Once again he is eighteen years old and she is sixteen. Nate is happy to have found his Elizabeth but he will soon learn that finding Elizabeth was the easy part, keeping her will be a whole other story.


· Elizabeth’s lack of memory of their past life together

· Elizabeth’s mobster ex-boyfriend Anton, who refuses to let her go

· The difference in their social circles, his friends Darcy and Jake dislike Elizabeth

· Elizabeth’s disapproving parents

         I hope this gives you a little better look at Nate, one of the main characters in Finding Elizabeth. You can preorder a copy of Finding Elizabeth in the following places:

Finding Elizabeth will be available in all formats on Tuesday September 15, 2015!


  1. I can definitely see you've created a rich world for dramatic tension! Especially as the Elizabeth Nate knew, is likely no longer the Elizabeth she is now.
    I'll have to check it out when its released! Hope it does well :-)

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed writing Finding Elizabeth and I hope the readers enjoy it as well. :)