Friday, August 21, 2015

TEASER: Finding Elizabeth

Three and a half weeks until Finding Elizabeth's release date! This week's blogpost is part two of my four part blog series ahead of Finding Elizabeth's September 15th release and it's...


You have several preorder options for this book. All preorder information will be at the end of this post. 

This teaser is in modern day Elizabeth's perspective after Nate's friends Darcy and Jake play a cruel trick on her at Nate's family's Christmas Party... 
Enjoy! :)

          I turn to face him. “Go to Hell!” I say harshly as I brush past him.
        “I’ve been there,” he says quietly. “Every second away from you is Hell for me.”

           I roll my eyes then begin to turn away. Nate grabs my shoulders and makes me face him again. 

        “How do you explain it then?” He asks; his green-eyed stare boring into me.  “How do you explain our connection to each other despite the fact that we’ve only known each other a short time? How do you explain your weird dreams? Or what about my crystal clear memory of things that happened two hundred years ago? Because I know that it was us back then; that we were in love. Elizabeth, losing you destroyed me.”

         “You’re crazy…” I begin.

        “Then look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t believe. Tell me that you don’t love me.  Because I meant what I said; our love will last for all eternity.
         That struck a nerve with me. “Where did you hear that?” I ask quietly.

         “I’m trying to tell you, Lizzie, I’m not making this up.” He replies. 

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