Friday, October 2, 2015

Finding Elizabeth Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

     Are you in a book club that's looking for a new book to indulge in? I'd love for you to read my latest novel Finding Elizabeth; so much so that I've supplied you with some sample discussion questions for you and your book club to use. Should you be interested you can download a copy of the questions below! Happy reading!
1.       What parallels can you draw from France’s economic situation and the events leading up to the French Revolution and our modern economy?
2.      It turns out that Nate’s mother’s paranoia isn’t so unfounded in Part 1. What do you think the sans-culottes / revolutionaries could have done to better handle the situation instead of savagely executing people of aristocratic bloodlines?
3.      Have you ever had a dream so vivid you didn’t know you were dreaming until you woke up? How long after you woke up did it take for the dream to fade?
4.      If you were Elizabeth’s manager and you saw a customer purposefully push or throw something on the floor into the path of your employee to cause them to fall how would you handle the situation? Would you ask the customer to leave or blame your employee?
5.      Why do you think Nate initially runs away after he finds Elizabeth again?
6.      Why do you think Elizabeth automatically assumes Nate invited her to his parents’ party to play a cruel trick on her after Jake and Darcy are so mean to her? Do you think Nate knew Elizabeth’s mother was the bartender hired for the evening?
7.      If someone told you they believed in Reincarnation and thought they knew you in a past life how would you react? Would you believe them?
8.     Elizabeth is shocked when she finds out about her mother’s relationship with Jason. How would you feel if one of your parents were dating someone significantly younger than them?
9.      Do you think it is fate that Elizabeth found her former incarnation’s journal in the bookstore? What do you think of the secrets the journal held?
10.  Do you think Anton is truly evil by nature or do you think he is simply a product of his upbringing? How do you think he would have turned out if he were raised in another setting?
11.   Nate hates that his mother is dating Elizabeth’s father but Elizabeth doesn’t seem to mind. How would you feel if one of your parents were dating your significant other’s parent?
12.  Luciana spots Darcy walking past the store she works in with messy hair and grungy clothes in Chapter 32. What do you think caused her drastic change in appearance?
13.  Do you think it was a coincidence that Jason was near the restaurant in the Third Ward on Elizabeth’s birthday or do you think somehow he knew what was coming?

14.  Who is your favorite character in Finding Elizabeth? Why?

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