Friday, October 9, 2015

The Reincarnation Files: Entry No. 001

       Reincarnation and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth are not new concepts. Many people, across many religions and regions of the world have believed in reincarnation as far back as time goes. While the origins of the belief in reincarnation are a bit obscure it can be traced back to India, ancient Greece, and the Celtic Druids. 

      To this day many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Paganism/Wicca still believe in reincarnation. It's also become a popular concept among celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine.

     Through The Reincarnation Files I will show you how the theme of Reincarnation has been incorporated in books and movies. The first entry... the 2005 movie The Fog (one of my personal favorites!)

     The Fog is a remake of a 1980 movie of the same title. The original movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis (as did a majority of horror movies in the '80s it seems like) and is a little different from the remake. 
       The Film is about a small island named Antonio Bay, off the coast of Oregon. In 1871 the four founding fathers sailed out to meet with a man named Blake, the leader of a leper colony. Their arrangement was that Blake and his people would buy half the island to turn into a leper colony. Instead they four founding fathers steal the lepers' money and possessions and set fire to their ship, the Elizabeth Dane; murdering everyone on board. Fast forward to the present day Nick Castle (Tom Welling) is one of the descendants of the founding fathers, and owns a fishing charter company for tourism. When his girlfriend Elizabeth Williams (Maggie Grace) returns to the island after spending six months in New York and being tormented by horrible nightmares a bizarre series of events begin to occur, including several gruesome deaths and the presence of a mysterious fog. When Elizabeth slips in Nick's boathouse and falls into the sea, she finds an old journal from 1871, written by Patrick Malone, one of the town's founders. She soon uncovers the dark secret the founding fathers covered up... and a shocking secret about herself! 

      Though this movie received horrendous reviews it to this day is my favorite horror movie of all time. If you've been a follower of my writing for long you'll know that I've made references to the movie several times. 
      How does this tie into Reincarnation exactly? *****SPOILER ALERT***** (Stop reading if you don't want to know they ending of the movie!!!) Maggie Grace's character, Elizabeth, is reincarnated from the leper leader Blake's wife, and namesake of the clipper ship, Elizabeth Dane! The ghosts reclaim her at the end as Blake takes her into his arms and kisses her as Nick watches on in horror. 

Directed by:                                    Starring:

Rupert Wainwright          Maggie Grace as Elizabeth Williams

                                             Tom Welling as Nick Castle 

                                             Selma Blair as Stevie Wayne 

                                             DeRay Davis as Spooner 

                                            Adrian Hough as Father Malone 

Produced by 

John Carpenter

Mark Cartier

Randi Chernov

Derek Dauchy

David Foster

Todd Garner

Debra Hill

Dan Kolsrud
Shane Riches

Written By:
Cooper Layne

John Carpenter

Debra Hill
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