Friday, January 15, 2016

Confessions of a Book Addict

     It's no secret that most writers are also avid readers. Some stick to the genre they write in while others read all kinds of books. I myself can read any kind of book as long as it has a love story somewhere in the book. 

        The worst part of being addicted to books, like I am, is that whenever I'm not writing something I'm thinking about books I want to buy. This created my downfall a couple months back when I saw a tweet from one of my favorite authors talking about an event called Apollycon, in this instance the tweet was to inform anyone that couldn't attend the event in February that you could still buy signed copies of books by your favorite authors through the event website. 

         I quickly followed the link and saw that unfortunately the event, to celebrate the release of Jennifer L. Armentrout's latest book The Power, was being held in Savannah, Georgia. Not exactly nearby my location of Shawano, Wisconsin. 

         Not a problem! I told myself, I'll simply buy a couple books from the website. (And you can too, the book sale/virtual signing runs until January 22, 2016: hereSo I started compiling a list...

         That's where the problem began. I started out wanting a couple books by Wendy Higgins, including her upcoming release, The Great Hunt, but then I saw that there were also books by Jay Crownover, K.A. Tucker, Katie McGarry... not to mention I got hooked on Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series lately; and there were a few other books that grabbed my interest. 

        Nearly $200 later you would have thought my book binge was over, right? Wrong! I then decided to add another book to my order a couple weeks later. In between that time I took a trip to Half Price Books, placed one big order for books from Barnes and Noble, 2 orders for books from Amazon (One just yesterday as a matter of fact), added free books from Ripley's Booklist to my Kindle, received a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review, and placed an order for a signed copy of Meg Cabot's upcoming book Remembrance: A Mediator Novel from an independent bookstore in Michigan. (Read more about that here)

       This is my confession... I think about books more than I think about anything else. Well, almost anything else. Story ideas and my boyfriend take up a huge chunk of my thoughts as well, but that's normal. Not only do I spend most of my time thinking about books, I also buy my fair share of books, as you can see. I try to keep my addiction under control, but deep inside I'm one step shy of Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic when Suze realizes that Rebecca packed all of her clothes into those vacuum bags and they come bursting out of the wardrobe. Oh, what a nightmare that could be... books zooming out of my dresser at my head. 

      Are you a book addict too? How often do you give in to your addiction? Are you able to walk past a bookstore without going inside and buying books? 

       Are you going to Apollycon in February? I recommend it if you live near Savannah, I hear the one in Philadelphia last year was a lot of fun. And psst... you're more than welcome to send me pictures of some of my favorite authors signing books!

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