Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"What I'm Reading" Wednesday #6

        This week I've stepped away from the horror and paranormal novels I've been reading lately and picked a contemporary YA novel...

Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers

Silas Hart has seriously shaken up Westlin Beck's small-town life. Brand-new to town, Silas is different from the guys in Green Lake. He's curious, poetic, philosophical, maddening—and really, really cute. But Silas has a sister—and she has a secret. And West has a boyfriend. And life in Green Lake is about to change forever.

Why I picked this book/ What I think of it so far..
I was intrigued by Silas's sister's secret. And of course, Silas Hart sounded really promising, especially when West's boyfriend and best friend get wrapped up in their own lives leaving West all alone. 
This book has really pulled me in... I love the storyline. West and Silas's chemistry is undeniable and I can't wait for them to (hopefully) get together! I pondered over what Silas's sister Laurel's secret could be, is it anorexia? cancer? Spoiler alert: Laurel suffers from something called solipsism syndrome where nothing seems real, and she believes that everything is made up from her imagination. It reminds me of something I read once... was it on Buzzfeed? maybe it was yahoo news? I can't remember... anyway, it was about a woman who had a rare disease where she thought she was dead. She went through life believing she had died. This book is really good and it keeps you turning pages. At first the idea that West was a minister's daughter bothered me. I'm not good with anything religious but thankfully the author hasn't gone overboard with religious ramblings. 

Here's a look at what else I've read since last week...

Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth
Everyone in Arnn - a small farming town with more legends than residents - knows the story of Witchwood Hollow: if you venture into the whispering forest, the witch will trap your soul among the shadowed trees. 
After losing her parents in a horrific terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, fifteen-year-old Honoria and her older brother escape New York City to Arnn. In the lure of that perpetual darkness, Honoria finds hope, when she should be afraid. 
Perhaps the witch can reunite her with her lost parents. Awakening the witch, however, brings more than salvation from mourning, for Honoria discovers a past of missing children and broken promises. 

To save the citizens of Arnn from becoming the witch’s next victims, she must find the truth behind the woman’s madness. 
How deep into Witchwood Hollow does Honoria dare venture?

What I thought of this book:
There's no escaping this hollow... not that you'd want to! 
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This book tells an interesting story in multiple perspectives over a great length of time. It begins when Honoria moves to Arnn (I'm assuming this is upstate New York) with her brother and aunt and uncle after her parents die in the twin towers on 9/11. At school she meets two girls, Harley and Amanda, who dare her to go into "Witchwood Hollow", a forest guarded by a witch who refuses to let anyone leave once inside. Inside the forest Honoria feels a sense of peace and doesn't want to leave, but she runs home after seeing a terrifying vision. The story then shifts to Lady Elizabeth Clifford, living in the 1600s and Albertine, from 1850. Together their stories intertwined, Lady Clifford - the witch who only wants her lover back, Albertine - who only wants to escape Witchwood Hollow and return to her family, and Honoria - who with the help of a boy she develops a crush on, Leon, attempts to unravel the mysterious disappearances of Witchwood Hollow. It isn't until the last few chapters that everything clicks and you see how everything fits together. The ending was completely unexpected and for some reason made me cry (and I never cry!). This book keeps you reading it and it was hard to tear myself away from. I really enjoyed it. The only thing I disliked was how materialistic the description of people's clothing was. I understand the main character is from New York City but describing a denim jacket is all you really need to say instead of a Victoria's Secret jacket, Nike shoes, a Limited shirt, a Fredrick's of Hollywood whatever. That's the only thing that got a little old. Overall a good read. 
Update from when I wrote this review: This book has really stayed with me. I can't stop thinking about it and to me that's what makes a great book, something that stays with you long after you finish the last page. Excellent job! 
My rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars!

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