Friday, March 18, 2016

If Out of Darkness Was Made Into A Movie (Dream Cast)

     For part three of my pre-Out of Darkness-release blog series, I'll show you my dream cast if Out of Darkness were every made into a movie.  At first, I was afraid this would be difficult as some of the characters in Out of Darkness are based on people I know, but in the end, it was a lot of fun trying to match my image of what I think a character would look like to the image of an actress or actor.      

Lizette Weatherly
India Eisley
I've seen this actress in a couple Lifetime movies and she just has such a unique look to her. She'd be perfect for Lizette.

Thierry Sebastian
Thomas Dekker
I always thought this actor looked mean, yet attractive. I could definitely see him playing Thierry.

Luke Stephens
Max Minghella
I like Max Minghella for Luke because of the most ridiculous reason: the way his voice sounded in Elvis & Anabelle reminds me so much of the person that inspired the Luke character. Plus he's easy on the eyes.

Sam Weatherly
Max Thieriot
If he had dark brown hair he'd be perfect for Lizette's older brother, Sam.

Arianthe Karis
Emma Stone
Arianthe was another character based on someone I know and although Emma Stone in no way resembles that person, and I'm not sure how she'd look with Arianthe's oddly colored hair, she'd be the perfect choice for Lizette's best friend. 

Keiran Madigan
Kyle Gallner
He looks like just the kind of guy Arianthe would date. And I bet he would look good with blue hair ;)

Finn Madigan
Nicholas Hoult
I've always thought this actor was attractive, but just his hair in this picture screams Finn Madigan.

Bryan Fynn Sorcha
Tom Sturridge
Dye his hair auburn or red and let's call him Bryan. Maybe it's just because he played a jerk in Far From the Madding Crowd... :/

Desiree Oliver
Shay Mitchell
Sure, she plays a nice character on Pretty Little Liars, but I could so see her as Desiree. 

Delia Angel
Vanessa Marano
Though I never liked her on Gilmore Girls and don't like Switched at Birth I could see her as Delia.

Angelo Desanti
Douglas Booth
He kind of has that all-American jock look to him (even if he is British)

Julie Bryant
Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne is the quintessential mean girl in my opinion. Perfect to play Julie. 

Mr. Weatherly
Gerard Butler
One of my favorite actors to drool over, Gerard Butler would make a great choice for Lizette's dad.

Mrs. Weatherly
Laura Leighton
I've always liked her as an actress and I think she would do great as Lizette's mother.

Claudette Barbeau
Zoe Saldana
I could see Zoe Saldana as a spunky Voodoo Priestess from New Orleans, can't you?

Russell Crowe
Who better to play Delia's wise mentor?

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
I think she would be great as Luna, the leader of the werewolves! 

Are you excited to meet all of these characters and see how they all play into the storyline? Out of Darkness is coming in 24 days! 
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