Friday, March 4, 2016

Me, Out of Darkness, and Lizette in 5 Words or Less

       Out of Darkness goes on sale thirty-one days from now! I can't believe my third book is already about to come out. In honor of that, I'll be doing a four-part blog series to introduce you to Out of Darkness (the first book in the Eternals Trilogy), the overall theme, a few of the characters, and a few topics important to the book. To start it all off, this week I'm going to describe myself, my book (Out of Darkness), and the main character, Lizette in five (5) words or less. Are you ready? Good, me too... mostly. 

Me (in a nutshell)
I am:
-Insane :P

Out of Darkness
-Full of Secrets


Have I whet your appetite yet?

Out of Darkness is available for pre-order:
Coming Tuesday April 5, 2016! 
(Paperback Edition will also be available on April 5th)

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