Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"What I'm Reading" Wednesday #26

This "WIR" Wednesday I'm reading a great book that I won from a blog tour on Good Choice Reading's website...

The Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman
Life for patient 29 is full of medicated daydreams of a life outside the walls of Soothing Hills Asylum. But fantasies are not all that consume her. A monster roams the halls of the sanitarium she reluctantly calls home and three girls have been found dead. The dead girls share one common thread . . . each was 29's cell mate. As the investigation gets under way, she retreats into her mind, listening to the voices that call to her. She is endowed with the cursed gift of perception. Through it, she hears messages carried upon the notes of music, discerns words hidden among the strokes of paintings, and minds pleadings for help from the corn field outside. Could the key to the murders lie within 29's broken mind? Mason, an orderly, does not see 29 as a lunatic and as his belief in her grows so does her self-confidence. The possibility of one day leaving the asylum seems less and less like a fantasy. But the monster has other plans for her. Leaving will not be so easy, at least not while she is alive.

Why I Chose This Book / What I Think So Far:
The blurb and the beautiful cover drew me to this book. I was lucky enough to be one of the five winners to receive an ebook copy of this book from the Good Choice Reading leg of the blog tour for this book. I finally got my hands on my copy about a week ago and I couldn't wait to begin reading. This story immediately drew me in and I wanted to keep reading. With each page, you want to know what Jane's (Patient 29's) fate will be. Will she ever be able to leave the Soothing Hills Asylum? Will she and Mason get together? What about Jules? Will she ever be free of her father? Who or what is killing people in the asylum? I have a few strong hunches about the ending and a twist I see unfolding I just haven't puzzled out the why or the how yet. I can't wait to get back to reading this book, it's definitely an addicting page-turner that I highly recommend! 
The only suggestion that I can give is at certain points the story changes from different character perspectives and while some sections are clearly marked others aren't labeled as to who's perspective the section is in so you have to kind of guess until you find a clear indicator as to if it is in Jules's, Jane's or Grayson's perspective. 
Early Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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