Friday, December 9, 2016

Into the Light Teaser

Into the Light Blog Series Part III of IV: INTO THE LIGHT Teaser
Since I didn't want to give away who Lizette is going to pick I picked this scene, which is one of my favorites in Into the Light. Lizette and Arianthe are hanging out at a club, but where? Who is Jaxson Harris and why does he buy the girls drinks? Why is Keiran's brother Finn so upset that Arianthe is at the club? For those answers you'll have to wait until December 13th, in the meantime check out the teaser...

We laugh about nothing in particular as we enter the club and weave between the bodies moving to the steady beat of the music. Once we reach the center of the dance floor we throw our hands up and get lost in the rhythm and the sea of people. 

It doesn’t take long for Arianthe to get scooped up and spun around by a tanned skinned college guy just on the cusp of making a drunken fool of himself. They dance together for three songs while I give myself over to the music. Sometimes I danced with a partner, sometimes without. As long as they kept their hands where they were supposed to I didn’t mind.

“This is so much fun,” Arianthe yells over the music as we weave our way to the bar.

“I’m glad we could do this,” I agree as we elbow our way to the counter.

“What should we order?” Arianthe asks as she eyes up the bartender; a Cajun guy with long dirty brown dreadlocks.

Glancing at him I shrug, “I doubt he’ll serve us anything other than soda.”

The bartender finishes taking an order from someone at the other end of the bar and mixes two pink cocktails. Sensing our gazes on him he looks up at us and starts carrying over the drinks. “Ladies, these are compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar.”

“Thank you,” I tell the bartender as Arianthe squeals and peers down the bar to locate our mysterious benefactor. When I follow her gaze I instantly lock eyes with Jaxson Harris. He lifts his glass in greeting and motions for us to join him.

“Ohmigod, he is so hot!” Arianthe exclaims as we walk over to talk to him.

“Hello ladies,” Jaxson lays on the charm as we reach where he’s leaning against the bar. He straightens the jacket of his light pinstripe suit. 

“Jaxson,” I reply in greeting. “This is my friend Arianthe. Arianthe, this is Jaxson Harris. He plays for the Saints.”

“That is so cool,” Arianthe gushes. “I love basketball.”

Jaxson winces as I correct Arianthe, “The Saints are a football team.”

“I knew that,” Arianthe says.

Jaxson clears his throat, “so where is your little boyfriend tonight Lizette?”

“At home playing video games with the guys,” I explain as I sip the fruity pink drink Jaxson ordered.

Jaxson sputters his own drink in surprise, “let me get this straight; he let his sexy as hell girlfriend go out alone for a night on the town while he sits at home playing video games with a bunch of stinky guys? What is wrong with that boy?”

I snort, “We just needed a night apart. We’re together all the time otherwise.”

“Well, when you finally decide to give him the boot you know where to find me.” Jaxson winks suggestively.

“That’s okay, I know how your dates typically end up,” I reply tartly. 

Jaxson flashes his incisors, “I only bite when asked.”

Beside me, Arianthe giggles mindlessly.

“Arianthe!” A voice calls out sharply. The three of us whip our heads in the direction of the interruption just in time to see Finn barreling his way through the crowded club. “What are you doing in here? You’re much too young to be in a place like this, especially wearing something like that.”

“We’re just having a girl’s night out,” I explain.

“Yeah,” Arianthe glares up at him as she tugs on the hem of the short blue tube dress she’s wearing. “Where is your girlfriend?”

“That’s not your concern,” Finn returns her glare. “I’m taking you two home right now.”

“Oh come on,” Arianthe protests.

I look at Jaxson apologetically, “it is getting late and I have to work tomorrow.”

“No worries. I’ll see you around Lizette. Nice to meet you Arianthe,” Jaxson says, dipping the tip of his black fedora at us.

Finn quickly ushers us out of the club and we walk back to where we parked Wes’s car. Finn angrily grabs the keys out of Arianthe’s hand and insists on driving us home.

I can feel the anger brewing and simmering between them by the time we pull into my driveway. 

Yawning I stretch in the back seat. “I’ll let you guys talk. I’m going up to bed, I’m beat.”

“Goodnight Lizette,” Finn manages to mumble through clenched teeth as he fights to keep control of his rage. 

I hurry into the house without a backward glance.


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