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Book Review: Divine by Leanne Rathbone

Divine (The Revelations Series Book 2) by Leanne Rathbone
The Revelations Series
Leanne Rathbone
May 20, 2017
YA Paranormal / Fantasy
What do you do when you discover that your entire life has been a lie, that you were living solely to serve the purpose of another?

Seventeen year old Grace Ayre is heartbroken. She's still reeling from the devastating loss of two people whom she loved and the realization that her life has never really been her own.

Lies and deceptions are all she's ever known but now the truth is out. The world she thought she knew is only half the story, and the more she hears from the other side, the more she realizes she is nothing more than a clueless little girl. She must reach her eighteenth birthday in order to fulfill a prophecy and end a war that has raged since the dawn of time. There's just one problem...the Guardians are standing in her way. As a band of despicable assassins without conscience, they will stop at nothing to end Grace's life and prevent the prophecy from being realized.

If she thought falling hard for a demon was her biggest problem then she was sadly mistaken.

Turning eighteen has never been so important. Join Grace as she continues her journey of discovery in Divine: Book Two of The Revelations Series.

My Review:
I was really eager to read Divine after reading and loving Grace last year. Admittedly, it's been a long year filled with a lot of other books but the beginning of Divine confused me. The last I remembered Tyler was the only fatality of Grace's showdown with the Guardians at the church. And I didn't think she was with Dan. So when the story begins and Grace is living in a flat with Dan with bits and pieces of her memory gone I actually thought maybe I was losing things. So I reflected back and no, I'm not crazy - we left off with Grace very much in love with Nate. 

As Grace's memories begin to resurface she struggles with the feeling that Dan isn't who she really wants - but it isn't until she runs into a stranger that seems crushed that she doesn't remember him that things finally start to unravel and the truth begins to shine through, clearing things up for me as a reader. 

It was easy to get caught up in the story as Grace learns more about herself and the prophecy, as well as the truth of Lucifer, God, and the Guardians and the need to find out what's going to happen next keeps the reader engaged. Will the Guardian's strike again? Where is her mother, do they have her? Will Grace be able to control her power? 

At the same time, although I understand that it was hard for Grace to come to terms with her future and people wanting her dead, her naivety kind of annoyed me at times. And the way the story was written, where the author uses "?!" quite a bit at the end of sentences sounded like the character was a bit ditsy. It also lost a little something with me that Grace got so wrapped up with sleeping with Nate once they'd started - it was like a kid with a shiny new toy. 

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story - it still reminds me of Lauren Kate's Fallen series which I read and loved as a teenager and I think the story overall is a cool idea which I know that readers will love. I just didn't quite love Divine as much as the first book. 

Would I read the final book in the trilogy? Yes, because I want to know how it all wraps up.

To summarize, Things I liked about Divine:
- Hearing more about Dan and Nate's past and getting to see him in a different light because I admit, I didn't like Dan in Grace.
- Grace learning more about the prophecy and the roll she'll play in the battle between Lucifer and God.
- The action in the story. 

Things I didn't like about Divine:
- Grace's naivete.
- The over-usage of exclamation points and "?!"
- (Slightly) the beginning of the book because it confused me from where it left off in book one.

My Rating:
3.75 of 5 Stars!

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