Friday, June 9, 2017

When Your Ship Doesn't Sail

We've all been there. Falling in love with two characters that we just know belong together. Watching them interact, from that first meet to the first kiss to the inside jokes and cute nicknames, but then you get halfway through the book or the series and you start to see that the author is pairing one of your OTPs with someone else! 

You feel like:

How could the author do this to you? Doesn't he/she see that character A and character B are perfect for each other?!?!  Besides character C isn't even right for character A!

Okay, so you calm down. The book isn't over yet, there's still time! The author might surprise you by joining your characters together at the end of the book... or series... right?

You feverishly finish the end of the book, staying up all night until your eyes are bloodshot and itchy and the author did the unthinkable. Character A and Character C ride off into the sunset leaving poor character B all by him/herself. 

Now you feel like:

But you're not giving up! After all just because nobody else gets it, you still love the relationship that could have been if only the characters had been given a chance...

And if you see someone shipping the other character with your character? You think, how can someone not see that character A would be so much better off with character B?!?! But in the end...

Your friends don't get it. They tell you it's just a book. The characters aren't real. But shipping characters can be a real problem, especially when your ship doesn't sail. 

You're determined that no matter what...


And even if you have to write your own fanfiction, your OTP will always live on in your heart!

At least until you find your next set of characters to ship. Bottomline, sometimes your characters end up together, sometimes they don't. But it's the passion you have for those characters that is what's important.

What were the last characters you shipped hard? Did they end up together in the end? Let me know in the comments!

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