Thursday, July 6, 2017

#BookMail Thursday #27

This week the book mail I'm sharing with you really isn't my own (although I plan to read this book myself!). You see, my grandmother has trouble seeing small print in books due to her neuropathy and some other health issues so she discovered Doubleday Home Library where she can get Large Print copies of books. She ordered a Large Print edition of Come Sundown by Nora Roberts but she also ordered...

You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson

About "You Will Pay":
In a fast-paced, brilliantly twisted novel of suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, the deadly secrets of a long-ago summer stir to life once more.

It starts as a prank—a way to blow off steam after a long summer at Camp Horseshoe. Among the teen counselors, tensions and hormones are running high. No wonder the others agree when Jo-Beth Chancellor suggests they scare Monica O’Neal a little . . . or a lot. Monica has it coming, and no one will really get hurt. What could go wrong?


Twenty years later, Lucas Dalton, a senior detective with the sheriff’s department, is investigating the discovery of human remains in a cavern at what used to be Camp Horseshoe. Lucas knows the spot well. His father, a preacher, ran the camp, and Lucas worked there that infamous summer when two girls went missing. No one knows what happened to either of them, though with a dangerous convict on the loose, gossip was rife that they may have been kidnapped, or worse.

For Lucas, the case is personal—perhaps too much so. But it’s time to uncover the whole truth at last. That’s why seven former female counselors are coming back to the small Oregon town—among them, Bernadette Alsace, the woman Lucas has never forgotten. Each one knows something about that terrible night. Each promised not to tell. And as they reunite, a new horror unfolds. First come texts containing a personal memento and a simple, terrifying message: YOU WILL PAY. Then, the murders begin.

It started years ago. But it will end here—as a web of lust, greed, and betrayal is untangled to reveal a killer waiting to enact the perfect revenge.
Prime Day is Coming Up!
Since Amazon Prime Day is on Tuesday (July 11) I'm thinking of breaking my book ban and seeing if I can score some deals on books I've had on my Amazon Wishlist for a while. Do you plan on shopping Amazon for Prime Day?

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